Maybe I should make myself over next! Hehe :)

So since I had some time to myself while my Little Wombat has been in science camp, I gave my shop and my blog a makeover. The other graphics I had were cute, but these are fabulous! Don't ya think? The pretty little girls are my daughter (Little Wombat) and my friends daughter (E). You can check out her blog here. Yep. I am pretty proud of myself. I'm even thinking of opening up another Etsy shop to sell graphics for other Etsy shop owners. I think I'm addicted to Etsy now. I even mentioned the word Etsy 4 times all ready in this post! I  got my mother addicted too. She is looking for barbie clothes patterns for my Little Wombat right now even. I have been posting a lot of new hair accessories in my shop lately and I will be posting even more too. So keep checking back! Oh and don't forget to get your coupon code to get 10% off your entire order through July 13th!

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  1. ooooh, if you start selling barbie clothes i'm gonna be all over that too. my daughter is in the beginning stages as a barbie addict. i really, really LOVE all your graphics. you are SO amazingly talented! thanks for letting E be in it too. :D